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Christian Perez (born July 12, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist. Founder of the Alternative Rock, Experimental musical project known as The Path To The End, he was previously associated with the band Total Damage. Christian left Total Damage in 2006 and now is an independent musician 
  1. 1 "seventeen" (Ladytron cover) 03:26
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  2. 2 "bored and alone" 02:37
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  3. 3 "sweet grace" 03:58
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  4. 4 "path to the end" 03:23
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  5. 5 "three years" 02:53
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  6. 6 total damage 04:21
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  7. 7 "path to the end" (backingtrack) 03:40
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  8. 8 "bored and alone" (backingtrack) 02:37
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  9. 9 "total damage" (backingtrack) 04:24
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Amira Galian

do you have youtube channel?


Today 12:57am 

hi!how to buy your album on google play?? I've been searching... but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here, I'm eager to hear more...





Hi! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we(fans) want to play over and over. Iwish you a happy halloween, in any way you celebrate (or not celebrate it) 

10/31/15 I like the tunes.. cool!!! I like it from the 1st day I heard you! my favourite track of yours is bored and alone
If you have uploaded any new video or tune, please don't forget to let me know. peace. caroline winslet


Tsumin Thank you for sharing your music! God blessed the day I found your tune Bored and alone! 
You are the future of music industry which is not doing well these days i think because a lot of crap out there, radio's spoiling our ears nowdays. 
All my hopes with you


How To Avoid Art (about 1 month ago)

Really nice work!

Penny Jayne Black (almost 2 years ago)

Enjoying your music! Have a great day! :) xx

HiperChel  (almost 2 years ago)

Keep on ROCKIN'!!!! Much love from Ukraine.

Spirits Of Another Day (about 2 years ago)

Sweet ! Peace from Sunny Detroit City !

BadgerStatic  (about 2 years ago)

Cool sound and playing!

Skarred Kage  (over 2 years ago)

Astounding work! 
Alex Skarred Kage

"bored and alone" Crowd Review:


“Cool catchy melody giving it that hip hop bounce that's dangerous if you can mix it properly with the rock scene. Great delivery of the guitar and vocal mixture, it has a Linkin Park to it which may not be original but its extremely effective. Great transition from smooth to sharp and edgy keeping the listener in a doped out trance. Great work and because of the mixture of the hip hop rock vibe mastered this is highly above average.”

“Hearing this song I had Immediate flashbacks of my teen years listenning to the Radio and relaxing at my home. It has Decent guitar Riffs and a catchy melody. It Delivers on making a Moody and hard hitting sound with elements that sound alittle like 3-11 but distancing itself away enough to be it's own sound.”

“Nice meaty guitar playing, driving bass and a good rhythm set this track apart from a lot of rap-rock/nu-metal imitators. The vocals are, appropriately, set back in the mix but it sometimes seems like the rest of the instrumental tracks are a little 'distant'. All said and done, a catchy and invigorating song.”

“A total punk feel with a heavy metal twist. The lead guitar and drum line are solid throughout. The vocals are unique and help create a well rounded track. The rock scene and the punk community would embrace this track.”

“This song had some amazing rock and roll rifts. The guitar solos really made this song stand out in a positive way. There was nothing I didn’t like about the way the guitar was played on this track. The mix was even and all of the sounds where level. I”

Sweet Grace - Crowd Review

“The Tune is wonderful. I love the build up in the beginning to only follow with chill hollow guitar riff. The vocals are faint which is almost perfect there is no need for yelling. The drum line and the synths were seemed to be in sync. And the bass line is just epic. I liked it. Here goes a 7.”
“In terms of where this song would fit and be successful, I image it as a soundtrack theme. This song gives me the feeling I am in a post apocalyptic world. It would work great as an opening song to a dark TV series. If I produced this song, I would submit it to the film production companies and I would think someone would pick it up. The vocals, if you can call them that, are a sort of yelling/singing in the background. Which actually suits the track. It almost sounds like Rob Zombie is singing
“A massive effect on this drum mix that domiantes this mix in a kind of haunting industrial way.I like the multitracked effect of the groove that pounds away.The distnd echo of guitars form a kind of ambience that salmost like a vocal mix,clevery textured within the mix.A strong hypnotic pulse here which dominates this mix.This is an inventive production,the way the vcoals are so hidden into the background actually sounds quite effective,becomes part of the same atmopsheric tension and texture as the guitar mix.”

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